About Me

NicolaMy name is Nicola Mackenzie. I am not a skin care specialist but an average stay at home mom. I understand how it feels when you have dark spots on your face because I was one of the sufferers of it as well. Like me, thousands of other women are trying to get rid of these unwanted dark blemishes from their face, hands, legs etc. But it’s been a tedious task for many women to find the right dark spot corrector for their skin.

Internet is full of junk and spam products which promises the world but end up with B.S. I tried many different products over the years, home remedies and what not ! Finally, I started seeing results by following some techniques which I will share with you gradually on this site.  Thankfully, I am “Dark Spot Free” now :)

Hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts and share your opinion, results you are getting and obviously problems you still face. I will be happy to help you through my write-ups . If needed you can contact me as well for any query.